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Landmark Inn's Artist Residency Program

The Landmark Inn’s Artist Residency Program offers creatives the opportunity to explore and create outside of their usual environments, providing them with time to reflect, research or produce work. The program will host artists of all disciplines as well as writers, culinary artists, musicians and more.

The residency will include room and breakfast for 2-3 nights. During your stay, we can help facilitate introductions with local artists and community leaders in Cooperstown. Our goal is for artists from around the world to get inspired by everything that the Landmark Inn and Cooperstown has to offer.

We are accepting applications year-round. To be considered for the Landmark Inn Artist Residency Program please email keith@landmarkinncooperstown.com.

smiling woman painting with a paint brush

Get Inspired

Explore outside your usual environment

Have time to reflect and research

Meet local artists and community leaders