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Weekend Afternoons at the Inn

Each weekend afternoon at 5:30-6:30 join the owners of this bed and breakfast in Cooperstown, NY, your hosts Fred and Robin Schneider, for a complimentary tasting of Finger Lakes wines, craft-brewed beer, hand selected teas, and local cheeses. This, Fred would say, is story hour at its finest. This, Robin would say, is where new friends get made. But first some caveats…

Bed and Breakfast in Cooperstown NY

Relive “The Good Old Days”

Many husbands have been known to use this time to fabricate High School baseball heroics. These fabrications can be readily identified as any declaration that follows: “Bases were loaded, two outs, full count…”

Many wives have been known to use this time to scoff at their husbands fabricating High School baseball heroics. They can be identified as those ladies who frequently roll their eyes before turning to the person next to them to say, “Twenty years of marriage is a long time, don’t you think?”

Bed and Breakfast in Cooperstown NY - Couple by Fire

Baseball Fans and Rivals

Mets fans sometimes meet Red Sox fans and restrain from bringing up the ’86 series.

Cardinal fans sometimes meet and like Mets fans.

Red Sox fans never meet and like Yankee fans.

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Culture and Pop-Culture

Devotees of Wagner, opera guests sometimes meet Parrotheads, devotees of Buffet. Parrotheads can be easily identified as the people who announce to no one in particular, “Hey it might be 5:00 somewhere, but it’s 5:30 here! We’re late!”

Parrotheads sometimes meet opera guests. Opera guests can be readily identified as the exasperated folks explaining to the Parrotheads that an aria is not a resort in Vegas.

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Afternoon Story Time!

Sometimes, on weekends, if he is really chided into it by enough guests, Fred will read a bit from his published novel Cats in a Chowder, or novel-in-progress One Less Squirrel in Swellsville. OK, that was a shameless plug… but he will.

Sometimes, as he’s about to read, Fred can hear Robin snipe apologetically, “He thinks he’s Newhart…”

Innkeepers Robin & Fred Schneider
Only a 9 minute walk to the Baseball Hall of Fame!